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Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(M2353) 2 in a Room Maxi She's got me going crazy 6.14
(M2360) 2 Puerto Ricans a Blackman... Maxi Do it properly FLC 7.67


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(M39) 3rd Bass Maxi Pop goes the Weasel 4.60
(M3452) 3rd Bass Maxi Steppin' to the A.M. 6.65


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(M4334) 4 Reeves Maxi Party LC 9.20


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(M5485) 50 & 50 Brothers Maxi Red Man 4.60
(M5516) 52nd Street Maxi You're my last change 5.62


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MA54) AB logic Maxi Real World 9.20
(MA230) Abbott, Gregory Maxi You're my angel 6.65
(MA414) Abbott, Gegory Maxi Shake you down 6.14
(MA35) Abe, Rex Maxi I can feel it 5.62
(MA348) Able Ram Maxi Hope we make it 3.58
(MA606) Adeva Maxi I'm the one for you 6.65
(MA394) African Business Maxi In Zaire Business 8.18
(MA324) Afro's, The Maxi Feel it 5.11
(MA433) Age of Love, The Maxi Age of love 5.62
(MA481) Ago Maxi Computer Italo 7.16
(MA600) Airborn Maxi Midnight on mars 6.65
(MA347) Albert One Maxi Hopes & dreams 4.60
(MA694) Aleks Maxi Hans & Theo (Net Hudeln!) 6.14
(MA370) Alisha Maxi Babytalk 3.58
(MA569) Allan 3 Maxi My Lady 6.65
(MA531) Allen, Steve Maxi Massage of Love 7.16
(MA646) Allen, Donna Maxi Joy and pain 6.14
(MA151) Almond, Marc Maxi Stories of Johnny 7.67
(MA656) Alpert, Herb Maxi Magic Man schl. Zustand 2.56
(MA596) Anneclaire Maxi All summer long 5.11
(MA313) Anthony, Mark Maxi 1919 Main St. 7.16
(MA561) Anthony and the camp Maxi What I like 6.14
(MA609) APB Maxi Open your eyes 6.14
(MA342) Argandona Maxi Gold is good 4.60
(MA517) Armstrong, Caren Maxi From now on LC 8.18
(MA265) Art of Emotion Maxi A Day, a day 5.62
(MA426) Aswad Maxi We are one people 5.11
(MA459) Atmosphere introd. Mae B, The Maxi Atm-oz-fear 5.11
(MA309) Aurra Maxi Like I like it 7.67
(MA445) Aurra Maxi Such a feeling FLC 6.14
(MA56) Austin, Patty Maxi The Heat of Heat Club Versions 6.14
(MA671) Autograph Maxi Turn up the Radio 5.11
(MA392) Axodry Maxi Surrender 6.14


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MB198) B-Tribe Maxi Fiesta Fatal! DJ Promo 15.34
(MB410) B.R.U.T. Maxi Give me the night 4.60
(MB97) Badarou, Wally Maxi Hi-life 6.65
(MB504) Bailey, Philip Maxi I know 7.16
(MB69) Bananarama Maxi A trick of the night 5.62
(MB507) Bananarama Maxi Love in the first degree 7.67
(MB640) Banbarra Maxi Shack up Maxi 7.67
(MB505) Bangles Maxi Be with you 7.16
(MB555) Barry, Paul Maxi Complicated 7.16
(MB692) Basia Maxi Primetime TV 5.11
(MB247) Basicly Sonic Maxi Let's go to the playground 6.65
(MB382) Bassix Maxi The Tears of a clown LC 7.67
(MB384) Batah, Peter Maxi Nobody's stopping you FLC 7.67
(MB32) Beat Box Boys Maxi Give me my money ! 5.11
(MB557) Beat Dis Maxi Bomb the bass 7.16
(MB432) Beatdisaster Maxi In Paradise ay que rico 8.69
(MB420) Beatmasters feat. Claudia Fontaine, The Maxi Warm love 4.60
(MB127) Beatmasters with Merlin, The Maxi Who's in the house 5.11
(MB140) Beck, Jeff Maxi Ambitious 7.67
(MB215) Belle, Regina Maxi Good lovin' 5.11
(MB684) Benetta & Kevin Maxi Lover, u. r. my Secret LC 5.62
(MB233) Benson, George Maxi Kisses in the moonlight 4.60
(MB192) Bentley, Earlene Maxi Caught in the act! LC farb. Vinyl 9.20
(MB23) Best Kept Secret Maxi Spotlight LC 6.14
(MB19) Big Aplle Production Vol.III Maxi Genius at work LC 7.16
(MB93) Blaze Maxi Whatcha gonna do 5.11
(MB539) Blind Date Maxi Your heart keeps burning 5.62
(MB289) Blow Monkeys Maxi The day after you 6.65
(MB571) Blue, Barry Maxi Dacin' on a saturday night '89 Musterplatte 10.23
(MB533) Blue Movie Maxi Nowhere Girl 7.67
(MB301) Blue Nile, The Maxi Stay 6.65
(MB145) Bohannon LP To hot to hold 3.58
(MB545) Bohannon Maxi South Africa FLC 6.65
(MB236) Bolero Maxi I wish Italo 7.67
(MB532) Boney M. and Bobby Farrell Maxi Happy Song 7.67
(MB513) Bonk Maxi Car jam FLC 8.69
(MB548) Boone Bros., The Maxi Throwdown FLC 7.16
(MB5) Boothe, Patrick Maxi Easier said and done 3.07
(MB591) Boothe, Patrick Maxi Easier said than done 6.65
(MB541) Boys to Men Maxi Motownphilly 6.65
(MB653) Break Machine Maxi Are you Ready schl. Zustand 2.56
(MB223) Breekout Krew Maxi Matt's mood 6.65
(MB610) Brenda and the Big Dudes Maxi Bongani 5.62
(MB575) Bridge, The Maxi Love Dance 6.14
(MB604) Brother & Sister Maxi Rock it down 33 rpm 7.67
(MB328) Brother Beyond Maxi He ain't no competition 6.65
(MB526) Brother Beyond Maxi How many times 7.67
(MB79) Brown, Jocelyn Maxi I wish you would 6.14
(MB525) Brown, Russ maxi Gotta find a way FLC 7.16
(MB605) Brown, Bobby Maxi Good enough 7.67
(MB682) Brown & the Soul Searchers, Chuck Maxi We need some Money LC 4.09
(MB241) Bulletproof Maxi The Bridge 8.69
(MB277) Bustin Maxi Think (about it) Lim. DJ Edition 12.78


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MC11) C.C. YT5 Maxi Turn your Radio on LC 6.14
(MC29) C.C.R Crew, The Maxi The House Slap LC 6.14
(MC515) C.C.R. Crew, The Maxi Stretchin the pieces FLC 6.65
(MC188) Cabaret Voltaire Maxi Crackdown 7.67
(MC405) Camaleon Maxi Arriba el Moral 5.11
(MC406) Cameron, Chris Maxi Is this love 7.16
(MC107) Carter, Clarence Maxi Messin' with my mind 4.60
(MC98) Catch, The Maxi The difference 5.62
(MC628) Celebrate the nun Maxi Patience FLC 8.69
(MC667) Central Park, feat. Nicky Pendergrass Maxi The Bigger the Box FLC 3.58
(MC377) Chacko Maxi Once bitten, twice shy 6.14
(MC170) Chaloner, Sue Maxi Appreciation LC Promo DJ's only 15.34
(MC398) Charlott Maxi I can't promise you heaven 4.60
(MC169) Chase, Ellison Maxi Welcome to tomorrow 6.65
(MC111) Cheatham, Oliver Maxi Things to make U happy 6.14
(MC587) Cheri Maxi Murphy's law FLC 6.65
(MC126) Cherrelle Maxi Affair 6.14
(MC118) Chin-Chat Maxi Desire for love 5.62
(MC453) Chinn, Daryle Maxi Be my love LC 7.67
(MC403) Chocolate feat. Chico a. t. Gypsies Maxi Ritmo de la noche LC 7.67
(MC327) Chocolate Milk Maxi Video Queen 4.09
(MC651) Classic Disco Dance Maxi Rhythm Talk, Rock Shock, I will Surv., Slide Sampler (CDN) 8.18
(MC551) Club Rap Maxi But 7.16
(MC175) Cocoon Maxi Dacing in the night 6.14
(MC109) Colourmix Maxi One World LC Promo nur A-Seite 10.23
(MC480) Comfort & Joy Maxi Flight 109 8.69
(MC697) Commodores Maxi Goin' to the Bank 7.16
(MC590) Confession Maxi I found my love 9.71
(MC487) Connoly, Kiev Maxi Take this chance 6.65
(MC563) Construction Maxi Sex is like fire 6.14
(MC3) Cook and the Party people, Tony Maxi Do what you wanna do FLC 3.07
(MC205) Cooper, Michael Maxi To prove my love 5.62
(MC179) Corrych Maxi I need Somebody 6.65
(MC434) Cosa Nostra Maxi Tutto va' Italo. Hit Medley 8.18
(MC456) Cosmotron Maxi Laserdance 5.62
(MC295) Cox Maxi China 6.14
(MC633) Crazy Eddie Maxi Nena de Ibiza 7.67
(MC326) Crazy Joe & The Variable Speed Band Maxi Eugene LC 3.58
(MC27) Criminal Touch Maxi Techno Computer one 4.60
(MC33) Crown Hights Affair Maxi Make me the one LC 5.62
(MC317) Cruisin' Gang Maxi Chinatown 5.11
(MC468) Cry Sisco! Maxi Afro Dizzi Act 6.65
(MC178) Cuca Maxi Young love FLC 7.67
(MC196) Curry, Tawanna Maxi Let me show you 6.14
(MC427) Cut 'n' Move Maxi Take no crap 5.62


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MD263) D'arby, Terence Trent Maxi This side of love 7.67
(MD401) D'Bora Maxi Love desire LC 8.69
(MD135) D-Emotion Project Maxi Pritouritze Planinata 7.67
(MD17) D., Nikki Maxi Daddy´s little Girl 7.67
(MD625) D. Train Maxi Keep giving me love 5.11
(MD218) D.S.M. Maxi Warrior Groove LC 7.67
(MD91) D.S.M. feat. Dacing Danny D. Maxi Destiny DMC Remixes 6.65
(MD381) D.ST & Jalal Maxi Mean machine 6.65
(MD307) Da Juice Maxi Food for thought LC 8.18
(MD510) Da Yeene Maxi We're on this case 7.67
(MD141) Dada Nada Maxi Deep love LC 6.14
(MD106) Daily, E.G. Maxi Say it, Say it 5.11
(MD171) Daim, Lushus Maxi More than you can handle 6.14
(MD257) Daimyo Maxi Electric Dance 4.60
(MD202) Dale Maxi Simon Simon 6.14
(MD46) Daniel, Tim Maxi Pressure FLC 6.14
(MD496) Davidson, Michael Maxi Warehouse 4.60
(MD340) Davis, Darlene Maxi I found love 4.60
(MD404) Davis, Carlene Maxi Dial my number 6.65
(MD580) Davis, Mike Maxi Ain't no stoppin' us now 7.67
(MD662) Dawson, Dana Maxi Ready to follow you Neuwertig! 7.16
(MD245) Deadly Sins Maxi Come down with me LC 8.69
(MD272) December 90 Maxi Two DJ's only Promo 40min. 17.90
(MD102) Definition of Sound Maxi Moira Jane's Cafe Circa Rec. 5 Remix 9.71
(MD47) Deshawn Maxi Get a real job 6.14
(MD376) Detroit Spinners Maxi Love is in season 6.14
(MD490) Diaz Brothers Maxi We bad 7.16
(MD658) Dick Maxi Lazy Mary 6.14
(MD144) Dillinger Maxi Tribal war 4.60
(MD100) Dirve, The Maxi Good for nothing 5.11
(MD147) DJ's Factory Maxi Work FLC farb. Vinyl 7.67
(MD409) Do Re Mi Maxi Man overboard 6.14
(MD258) Doctorin' D Maxi I'm on duty 6.14
(MD190) Dollar Maxi O L'amour 6.65
(MD244) Donovan, Jason Maxi When you come back to me 8.18
(MD408) Dore, Valerie Maxi It's so easy 5.11
(MD421) Doug Lazy Maxi Let the rhythm pump 7.16
(MD443) Dreamhouse Maxi Made in Hongkong 4.60
(MD448) Duffy, Stephen Maxi Kiss that kiss 6.14
(MD155) Dulfer, Candy Maxi Heavenly City 6.65
(MD227) Duncan, Darryl Maxi Rock the house 6.65
(MD567) Durango Maxi Come without warning 7.16
(MD216) Dynamite Mix Sampler Dynamite Mix Italo 9.20


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(ME568) Eastbound Expressway Maxi You're a beat 7.16
(ME182) Easton, Sheena Maxi Jimmy Mack 7.67
(ME85) Edwards, Jerry Maxi I am somebody Rock Shock Remixes 7.67
(ME174) Edwards, Jayne Maxi Rhythm of your lies 7.67
(ME444) Edwards, Jayne Maxi Harmony/ I got it 5.11
(ME454) El Chico Maxi House music lovers 6.14
(ME463) Elkin & Nelson Maxi Quizas, Quizas 5.11
(ME670) Eller, Dan Maxi Don't say goodbye 6.65
(ME589) Ellis, Beggs & Howard Maxi Big bubbles, no troubles FLC 5.62
(ME494) Envision Maxi Family affair FLC 8.69
(ME271) Essono Maxi I can't understand LC 7.67
(ME355) Ethernal Beat Maxi Underboard Remix 7.67
(ME472) Exotic Storm Maxi You better get with it 7.16


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MF110) Face II Face Maxi You're living in my heart LC 7.67
(MF280) Face to Face Maxi 10-9-8 FLC 7.16
(MF446) Faltermeyer, Harold Maxi Axel F. 4.60
(MF636) Family Stand, The Maxi Ghetto heaven 7.67
(MF45) Fat Boys, The LP The Fat Boys are back (F) 2.56
(MF483) Fat Boys Maxi The twist 6.14
(MF16) Fatback Maxi Girls on my mind 6.14
(MF76) Fearon, Phil Maxi Nothing is too good for you 5.62
(MF429) Fehlmann's Ready Made Maxi Thanks, it was already made 8.18
(MF570) Fiction Factory Maxi Ghost of love 7.16
(MF585) Fields, Linda Maxi Tears 6.14
(MF300) Fission Maxi Privat dicks 8.18
(MF189) Five Star Maxi The slightest touch 7.67
(MF231) Fixx, The Maxi Secret separation 6.14
(MF286) Fleetwood Mac Maxi Big Love 7.67
(MF115) Flirts, The Maxi Voulez vouz 6.14
(MF158) Flirts, The Maxi Helpless 5.62
(MF235) Flirts, The Maxi You & Me 6.14
(MF491) Force Maxi In the heat of the night FLC 8.69
(MF461) Ford, Pennye Maxi Dangerous 4.60
(MF94) Francis, Mike Maxi Let me in 6.65
(MF574) Freakaristic Maxi Life 6.14
(MF312) Fresh, Sydney Maxi If it's Love Promo 12.78
(MF86) Fresh 4 Maxi Wishing on a star 6.14
(MF232) Fresh Force Maxi She's a skeezer 6.14
(MF252) Friction Groove Maxi Family affair LC 6.14
(MF269) Friends Connected Maxi Give us sound (feel the music) FLC 33 u. 45 rpm 15.34
(MF417) Fruits of Passion Maxi Love's glory 6.65
(MF374) Full Force Maxi Ain't my type of hype 6.14
(MF7) Fun Fun Maxi Living in Japan 4.60
(MF470) Fun Fun Maxi Baila Bolero 5.62
(MF306) Funk Masters Maxi Love money '86 LC 7.67


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MG676) Gaida, Kiki Maxi Virinal Mistery Neuwertig! 7.16
(MG194) Galaxy Maxi Wait until tonight FLC 6.65
(MG368) Gardens, Marvin Maxi My body and soul 8.18
(MG311) Gardiner, Boris Maxi You make me feel brand new 5.62
(MG212) Gazebo Maxi Lunatic 5.11
(MG562) George, Sophia Maxi Girlie Girlie LC 6.65
(MG680) Getz, Stella Maxi Dr Love FLC 7.16
(MG138) Gillin, Andy Maxi Old flame burnin' 5.11
(MG156) Glamour Station Maxi Ev'ry body does it 5.11
(MG52) Gloworm Maxi I lift my Cup Remixes 6.14
(MG319) Go Go Lorenzo Maxi You can dance 6.65
(MG273) Goldsmith, Glen Maxi I won't cry 6.14
(MG172) Gooden, Dwight Maxi Dr. K 7.16
(MG81) Goon Squad Maxi Powerdrill 5.11
(MG673) Gotcha Maxi You're wrong 5.62
(MG51) Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel Maxi White Lines Promo Remix Ben Liebrand 12.78
(MG121) Groove Maxi Dancing and music LC 7.16
(MG129) Grundig proudly presents Sampler C'mon every body, Wonderful Wolrd.... 2.56
(MG211) Gucci Man, The Maxi Me & You 4.60


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MH373) Hackett, Sherryl Maxi Celebrate Life LC 10.23
(MH361) Haig, Paul Maxi Heaven sent 7.67
(MH601) Hanselmann, David Maxi Frontline 6.65
(MH632) Hardcastle, Paul Maxi Foolin' yourself Neu 8.18
(MH250) Harding, Carolyn Maxi Movin' on 4.60
(MH150) Harloff, Fabian Maxi I wanna go where your love goes 5.11
(MH620) Harris, Simon Maxi Bass 4.60
(MH42) Harrow, Den Maxi To meet me 5.11
(MH201) Hattle, Jock Maxi Crazy family 4.60
(MH43) Havana Maxi Drive in the Night 5.11
(MH99) Heartware Maxi Set my heart on fire 5.62
(MH163) Hendryx, Nona LP Female Trouble 3.58
(MH310) Hi-Definition Maxi Saturday 7.67
(MH332) Hip Men's World Maxi House factor 8.18
(MH224) Hitension Maxi You make me happy 6.14
(MH276) Hitension Maxi Rat Race LC Limitierte A. 5000 Stk. Nur A-Seite 17.90
(MH133) Hithouse Maxi I've been waiting for your love 6.14
(MH621) Hithouse Maxi Jack to the sound of underground 6.65
(MH206) Holy Noise Maxi James Brown is still alive !! The Remixes Limited Edition 9.71
(MH607) Hooker, Tom Maxi Help me 5.62
(MH338) Hot Cuisine Maxi Who's been kissing you ? FLC 8.69
(MH413) House Crew, The Maxi All we wanna do is dance 5.62
(MH259) Hudson & One Way, Al Maxi Drivin' me crazy LC U.S. Pressung 9.20
(MH690) Human League Maxi Human schl. Zustand 2.56


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MI80) I'm Talking Maxi Do you wanna be 5.11
(MI96) I-level Maxi give me 5.62
(MI333) I.S.A. feat. Valentino Maxi Every woman, every man Promo 14.32
(MI495) Icey "J" Maxi It takes a real man 6.65
(MI274) Icy D. & Doc Daze Maxi Get on up & Dance 7.16
(MI30) Impakt Maxi Defcon 6.14
(MI499) Inner City Maxi Ain't nobody better 7.67
(MI186) Instant Funk Maxi Funk'n'Roll 6.14
(MI72) Interaction Maxi Move to the beat FLC 5 Mix 9.71
(MI254) Interactive Maxi Who is Elvis 6.14
(MI116) Interface Maxi Plastic age 6.14


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MJ256) Jackson, Freddie Maxi Crazy (for me) 6.14
(MJ288) Jackson, Michael Maxi Smooth Criminal 17.90
(MJ50) Jak Maxi I go wild 7.67
(MJ228) Jamaica Girls, The Maxi On the move 4.60
(MJ698) Janal' Janina & Al Boom' Maxi you gotta set me free LC PROMO 10.74
(MJ637) Jankel, Chaz Maxi No. 1 Manhattan Mix FLC 7.16
(MJ647) Jankel, Chaz Maxi Without you 7.16
(MJ648) Jankel - Chi-Lites - Caspar - Galdez Maxi To know you - Changing for you u.a. Sampler LC 8.69
(MJ451) Jaz Maxi Hawaiian Sophie 6.65
(MJ320) Jellybean Maxi What's it gonna be LC Promo 14.32
(MJ352) Jellybean Maxi Jingo 6.65
(MJ425) Jellybean Maxi Who found who 7.16
(MJ437) Jeriko Maxi We are the power LC 8.18
(MJ415) Jody Maxi Where the boys are 5.11
(MJ58) Johnson da Krash, Jesse Maxi Wasn't i good to ya? 2.56
(MJ193) Joseph, Margie Maxi Knockout FLC 6.65
(MJ210) Jumbo Maxi Rio 3.58


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MK484) K. Starr, Brenda Maxi Suspicion 5.62
(MK467) K.G.B. Maxi Respect Rap 5.11
(MK239) K7 and the swing kids Maxi Hi De Ho 5.11
(MK89) Kane Gang, The Maxi Don't look any further LC 7.67
(MK318) Kane Gang, The Maxi What time is it ? 6.65
(MK460) Kane Gang, The Maxi Respect yourself 7.67
(MK542) Kartoon Krew, The Maxi Inspector Gadget 5.62
(MK21) Kassav´ Maxi Soleil * 3.58
(MK534) Kelly Marie Maxi Loving just for fun 4.60
(MK608) Kemp, Johnny Maxi Dancin' with myself 33 rpm 6.65
(MK267) Kenyon, Carol Maxi Fascinating 4.60
(MK423) Kenyon, Carol Maxi Give me one good reason 6.14
(MK511) Kenyon, Carol Maxi Fascination 7.67
(MK661) Kenyon, Carol Maxi Fascinating Neuwertig! 7.16
(MK125) Key Motion Maxi Let the music LC Promo for DJ's only 14.83
(MK339) Kicking Back Maxi Keep on trying 4.60
(MK282) Kid 'n Play Maxi Last night FLC 7.67
(MK14) King, Marcel Maxi Hollywood Nights FLC 6.14
(MK476) King Maxi Won't you hold my hand now 7.16
(MK477) King Maxi Love & pride 6.65
(MK322) King Bee Maxi Back by dope demand 7.67
(MK387) King M.C. Maxi What Have I Done for you lately 7.67
(MK371) Kinkina Maxi Jungle fever 6.14
(MK386) Kissing the Pink Maxi Never to late to love you 6.65
(MK693) Kiwi & Tess Maxi Show your Love 4.60
(MK422) Klymaxx Maxi I miss you 7.67
(MK560) Klymaxx Maxi The men all pause 7.16
(MK132) Kochkunst Maxi Das Omlett 10.74
(MK226) Koto Maxi The Koto Mix 7.67
(MK547) Koto Maxi Jabdah 6.65
(MK627) Koxo Maxi Step by step LC 7.16
(MK424) Krush Maxi House arrest 5.62
(MK554) Krush Maxi House arrest 7.67
(MK669) Krypton Maxi Tokyo Girl 4.60


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(ML521) L.A. Mood Maxi Ole, Ole, Ole 8.18
(ML678) L.U.P.O. Maxi I love You FLC 7.16
(ML180) LA Mix Maxi Coming back for more 6.65
(ML629) Lady Levi Maxi Looking for a dope beat 8.18
(ML291) Laid Back Maxi Bolivia 4.60
(ML77) Lancini, Vince Maxi Penguins' Invasion FLC 7.16
(ML540) Latino, Vicio Maxi Que me pasa 5.62
(ML61) Lauper, Cyndi Maxi My first night without you 4.60
(ML303) Lewis, Dee Maxi The best of my love 7.16
(ML229) Limitronix Maxi Trigger my love 7.16
(ML474) Lion, P. Maxi Dream 6.14
(ML331) Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Maxi Just git it together 7.67
(ML350) Loco Mia Maxi Loco Mia 4.60
(ML299) Loose Ends Maxi Golden years 5.11
(ML500) Lopez, Denise Maxi Sayin' Sorry 7.16
(ML113) Louis, Lil Maxi French Kiss 4.60
(ML222) Love, Freddy Maxi Hip-Hop-Bommi-Bop 8.69
(ML431) Low, Garry Maxi I want you 2.56
(ML465) Lucky Star LP Who's foolin' who 9.20


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MM335) M., Rocky Maxi Look in my heart 4.60
(MM550) M.C. Globe Maxi Get Ridiculous FLC 7.16
(MM28) Mac Band fea. McCampbell Brothers Maxi Roses are red Promo 9.20
(MM530) Mac Mac with J. Kingdom Maxi So Shy LC 6.14
(MM337) Magazine 60 Maxi Don Quichotte 4.09
(MM691) Mai Tai Maxi Female Intuition 4.60
(MM442) Mainframe Maxi 5 Minutes 4.60
(MM592) Man to man Maxi New york city beat 6.65
(MM238) Mandy Maxi Boys and Girls 7.67
(MM60) Mantronix Maxi Got to have your love 5.62
(MM20) Mareen, Mike Maxi Here I am 2.56
(MM613) Marie, Kelly Maxi Hot love 6.14
(MM243) Marines, The Maxi Say goodbye 5.62
(MM293) Marlene Maxi Fäulein Wunderbar 7.16
(MM123) Marshall Jefferson a. o. t. House Maxi Move your body 6.14
(MM59) Martin, Brian Maxi Sex tonight 3.58
(MM512) Martin, Nancy Maxi Hold your horses baby LC Canada Pressung 9.20
(MM672) Mascara Maxi Baja KLC 4.60
(MM101) Mato Grosso Maxi Feel the beat 7.67
(MM677) Matrix Maxi Can you feel it LC 6.65
(MM159) Max-Him Maxi No escape 6.65
(MM595) Maze Maxi Too many games 4.60
(MM214) Mc Cloud, Nicole Maxi Jam packed (at the wall) 4.60
(MM112) Mc Crae, George Maxi All around the world LC 7.67
(MM479) Mc Crae, George Maxi Let's dance 4.60
(MM183) Mc Lean, Nana Maxi Young hearts run free LC DJ Release 14.32
(MM578) MC Randy & D.J. Jonco Maxi Tia, dejame en paz 5.62
(MM529) MC Shy D Maxi Rapp will never die FLC 8.69
(MM88) MCL Maxi New York 4.60
(MM686) MCL2 Maxi Satellite 6.14
(MM44) Meccano Maxi Activate my Heart Italo 9.20
(MM438) Medusa Maxi Sempre Tu LC 8.69
(MM197) Mercy Mercy Maxi It must be heaven FLC 6.65
(MM527) Midi, Maxi & Efti Maxi Ragga steady LC 8.18
(MM573) Midnight Sunrise Maxi On the House Feat. Jackie Rawe 7.16
(MM87) Million Dollar Secret Maxi Cherry 6.14
(MM248) Minogue, Kylie Maxi Je ne sais pas pourquoi (I still love you) 7.67
(MM302) Minogue, Kylie Maxi Word is out 7.67
(MM475) Minogue, Kylie Maxi The loco-motion Remix EP 8.69
(MM503) Minogue, Kylie Maxi I should be so lucky 5.62
(MM419) Mitchell, Barbara Maxi Ace of my heart FLC 7.67
(MM220) Mitsouko, Rita Maxi Marcia Baila 7.67
(MM292) Mitsouko, Rita Maxi Andy LC 7.16
(MM36) Mo.Man Maxi Running LC 6.14
(MM10) Model 6 Maxi Crazy for you FC * 2.30
(MM544) Monia Maxi Nuclear war DMM 7.16
(MM586) Moore, Melba Maxi Read my lips 5.62
(MM297) Moos auf's Konto Maxi Doof 7.67
(MM31) Morris Maxi Tonight's the Night 6.14
(MM255) Moskwa TV Maxi Brave new world 6.14
(MM314) Motown Star Express Maxi Dacing to the Motowns 6.14
(MM412) MRM (Memphis Rave Mafia) Maxi Walking in Memphis FLC Promo Spec. DJ Edition 15.34
(MM378) Mufflers, The Maxi Put, put LC 7.67


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MN449) Napoleon MC Maxi Today's your lucky day 5.62
(MN430) Nevil, Robbie Maxi C'est la vie 5.62
(MN294) New Kids on the Block Maxi I'll be loving you (forever) unverk. Muster 8.69
(MN316) New York Spice Maxi Set it off FLC 7.67
(MN240) Night Walkers Maxi Push the feeling on LC 9.20
(MN308) Nocera Maxi Let's go 5.11
(MN103) Non + Ultra Maxi Non + Ultra 6.14
(MN66) Nox Maxi Sex is the GaMe DJ Promo Copy 14.32
(MN683) Nu Shooz Maxi I can't wait 6.14
(MN654) Nu-Matic Maxi Spring in my step schl. Zustand 2.56


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MO597) O.M.D. Maxi Telsa girls 6.14
(MO622) Odyssey Maxi It will be alright FLC 7.67
(MO688) Off-Shore Maxi I can't take the Power 4.60
(MO469) Off-Shore feat. Jocelyn Brown Maxi Got to get away 6.14
(MO644) One Way Maxi Mr. Groove 5.62
(MO447) Out of the Ordinary Maxi The dream T. Fenslau Dorian Gray 8.69


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MP62) Pandora Maxi Somthing's gone LC 4.60
(MP166) Paris, Ryan Maxi Dolce Vita 4.60
(MP498) Paris and Will Downing, Mica Maxi Where is the love 7.67
(MP336) Parker, Gwen Maxi My mama always told me 8.18
(MP552) Pasadenas, The Maxi Enchanted Lady Musterplatte 10.23
(MP162) Patrick, Rikki Maxi Clear the way 5.62
(MP611) Patris Maxi Love Oasis 5.62
(MP380) Paul, Owen Maxi My favourite waste of time 7.67
(MP321) Paul / The House Engineers, Chris Maxi Back in my arms in the ghost house 7.67
(MP351) Pavesi feat. Lisa Scott, Maurizio Maxi In case of love FLC italo 9.71
(MP270) Peak Limit Maxi Dancing 'round the floor FLC 9.20
(MP67) Pee Bee Squad Maxi Talking D.J. Blues LC 6.14
(MP462) Perez, Julian "Jumpin" Maxi Let's work LC 6.65
(MP176) Perxon Maxi Lose your mind 6.14
(MP572) Perxon Maxi Still cryin' 7.16
(MP149) Pet Shop Boys Maxi Rent 7.67
(MP493) Pet Shop Boys Maxi Always on my mind 6.14
(MP664) Piano, Do Maxi Again Neuwertig! 7.16
(MP74) Pianonegro Maxi Pianonegro 4.60
(MP357) Picnic at the Whitehouse Maxi We need protection 6.65
(MP523) Picture Perfect Maxi Prove it, Boy FLC 8.18
(MP489) Player, Jim Maxi Girl on the phone 5.62
(MP478) Pointer Sisters Maxi Freedom 7.67
(MP565) Primitives, The Maxi crash 5.62
(MP440) Promise Maxi No Name 5.62
(MP407) Psadenas, The Maxi Funny feeling 7.67


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MQ8) Quadrophonia Maxi The Wave of Future Remixes 7.67


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MR249) R.J.'s Latest Arrival Maxi Rhythm Method LC 8.69
(MR685) R.T. & the Rockmen Unlimited Maxi (I want to go to) Chicago 7.16
(MR520) Rachel Maxi Love emergency FLC 7.67
(MR131) Radiant Maxi Something's got a hold on me 6.14
(MR120) Radiorama Maxi Yeti 5.11
(MR528) Radiorama Maxi Chance to desire 6.65
(MR695) Radiorama Maxi Desire 4.60
(MR564) Rah Band Maxi Questions FLC 7.16
(MR641) Rama, feat. DJ Kool Maxi Go go get down FLC 7.16
(MR268) Ramone, Gene Maxi Romantic face 3.58
(MR450) Rap IV Rap Maxi Keep on movin' 5.62
(MR372) Rauch, Sibylle Maxi C'est Vogue LC Musterplatte!!!! 23.01
(MR341) Raz Maxi Amour Puetro Riqueno LC 8.69
(MR219) Raze Maxi All 4 Love 5.62
(MR466) Raze Maxi Jack up work your body LC 7.16
(MR39) Razzamatazz Maxi Two Time Boy Remixes 7.67
(MR457) Readhead Kingpin & the F.B.I. Maxi Do the right thing 4.60
(MR652) Real, The Maxi Piano Remix 5.62
(MR315) Reale Maxi I'm not gonna let it bother me FLC 7.67
(MR389) Red, Georgie Maxi Help the man 7.67
(MR666) Red, Georgie Maxi Get in touch 4.60
(MR584) Reemer, Xandra Maxi Gold Neu 7.67
(MR364) Regina Maxi Baby love 8.18
(MR615) Reid Maxi Good times 6.14
(MR40) Reirruc & Latin Rascals, Det Maxi Axel F. 7.16
(MR594) Rene & Angela Maxi Save your love (for#1) FLC 7.16
(MR142) Revolting Cocks Maxi Do ya think I'm sexy FLC Promo Copy only 16.36
(MR388) Revolution Megamix Maxi Super medley non stop 7.16
(MR83) Rhythm Heritage LP Last night on earth 7.67
(MR128) Rickster Maxi Night Moves Promo 15.34
(MR473) Rin Tin Tin Maxi Shake it, Shake it farb. Vinyl 9.20
(MR482) Rita Maxi Look in the mirror 5.11
(MR635) Rob 'n' Raz, feat. Leila K. Maxi Rok the nation 7.67
(MR185) Robin, Cock Maxi Just around the corner 5.62
(MR209) Robinson, Vicki Sue Maxi Hot summer night LC 9.20
(MR599) Rocco Maxi I can't blame you FLC 7.16
(MR296) Rodgers, Michael Maxi It's the same old song 6.65
(MR208) Romeo, Victor Maxi Love will find a way FLC Limited Edition 9.71
(MR70) Rosko Maxi You can go away 5.62
(MR71) Ross, Lian Maxi Say Say Say 5.62
(MR262) Ross, Lian Maxi Say you'll never 5.11
(MR524) Ross, Lian Maxi It's up to you 6.14
(MR399) Rozalla Maxi Love breakdown 5.11
(MR577) Rubix Maxi desiderio latino LC 7.16


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MS290) Sabine Sabine Maxi Can't tell you why 6.14
(MS75) Sadlow, Sue Maxi My man 6.65
(MS369) Sakamoto, Ryuichi Maxi Heartbeat 8.69
(MS82) Samoa Park Maxi Tubular affair Oldfield 7.67
(MS15) Sampler LP Rare Groove Vol.2 Harris-Sain-Escovedo-Cloud one 7.67
(MS246) Sanders, Kim Maxi Ride 6.65
(MS207) Saphir Maxi Shot in the night 4.60
(MS455) Sar & the real Mc Coy, M.C. Maxi It's on you 5.62
(MS365) Saylem / Raphael Maxi Dream love 2.05
(MS57) Scarlet Fantastic Maxi No Memory FLC 8.18
(MS519) Scarlet Fantastic Maxi No Memory extra sensory mix 8.18
(MS298) Schoener, Eberhard Maxi Why don't you answer 7.16
(MS73) Scott, Toni Maxi Love let love LC 5.62
(MS26) Scott, Toni Maxi Pick up the pieces FLC 4.60
(MS624) Scott, Marvin Maxi Help policeman 4.60
(MS458) Secret Ties Maxi Dacin' in my sleep 4.60
(MS416) Seventh Avenue Maxi Love's gone mad 6.14
(MS24) Shakatak Maxi If you could see me now 7.67
(MS626) Shakatak Maxi Invitations 5.11
(MS488) Shako, Dato Maxi Let me be your Nr. 1 4.60
(MS242) Shampoo Maxi Trouble FLC 9.20
(MS38) Sharada, Paul Maxi Florida 3.58
(MS464) Shaw, Charles Maxi Does your mother know 5.62
(MS535) Shaw, Charles Maxi I´m felling 5.62
(MS612) Shelley, Don Maxi Dance to the music 6.14
(MS623) Sign System Maxi Stay with me 4.60
(MS117) Silent Circle Maxi Danger, danger 5.62
(MS191) Silent Running Maxi Sticks and stones 6.65
(MS359) Silk, J.M. Maxi I can't turn around 6.14
(MS6) Silver Pozzoli Maxi Pretty Baby 6.14
(MS617) Simpson, Paul Maxi Musical freedom LC 7.16
(MS634) Sinti-dance Maxi Flamenco-side 7.16
(MS65) Sixth Revelation, The Maxi We come from Jamaica LC 7.67
(MS616) Skipworth & Turner Maxi Make it last 6.65
(MS53) Slam Maxi Back to Music Promo 15.34
(MS305) Slave Maxi Slide '88 LC 8.18
(MS559) Sly & Robbie Maxi Fire 6.14
(MS251) Smith, Mike Maxi Medley (Glad all over, Do you love me...) farb. Vinyl 8.69
(MS581) Sno, Mick Maxi Hello hello 7.16
(MS287) Souled Out Maxi In my life 6.14
(MS356) Space Monkey Maxi Can't stop running... 4.60
(MS48) Special Occasion Maxi Yes I do 5.62
(MS221) Spence Maxi get it on 4.60
(MS501) Spirits Maxi Don't bring me down Promo 2 Maxi's 43.46
(MS187) St. Paul Maxi Rich man 6.65
(MS325) St. Paul Maxi Stranger to love LC 7.67
(MS659) Stanley & Parker, Pamala & Paul Maxi Stranger USA 9.71
(MS285) Stewart, Jermaine Maxi Is it really love? 6.65
(MS136) Stockholm Songs Maxi Set the world on fire FLC 7.67
(MS395) Street Tuff Maxi Just keep rockin' 7.16
(MS436) Street Tuff Maxi DesiE 8.18
(MS630) Subsonic 2 Maxi Unsung Heroes of hip hop Promo only LC Neu!! 11.25
(MS104) Suck me Plasma Maxi Drill! 6.65
(MS22) Surface Maxi I Missed 4.60
(MS391) Swan Maxi Back to the sun 6.65
(MS696) Sylvester Maxi Living for the City FLC 5.62
(MS396) System, The Maxi I wanna make you feel good 6.65


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MT576) T.N.T. Maxi Piano please LC 6.65
(MT143) T.X.T. Maxi Girl's got a brand new toy 5.62
(MT556) Tabu' D'Apache Maxi Colours 6.65
(MT124) Tackheads, Jimmy G. and the Maxi Lies LC 5.62
(MT660) Taffy Maxi Once More / I love my Radio Neuwertig! 7.16
(MT260) Tallow, Kris Maxi Mister J 5.11
(MT668) Technotronic, Feat. Reggie Maxi Work Neuwertig! 8.18
(MT582) Telex Maxi Spike Jones 6.65
(MT558) Terry, Toni Maxi Forget the girl 5.62
(MT418) Thinkman LP The Formula 9.20
(MT411) Third World Maxi One to one 6.14
(MT687) Thomas, Evelyn Maxi Cold Shoulder 4.60
(MT264) Thomass, Jeff Maxi Lucy is back in town 6.14
(MT153) Thompson Twins Maxi Get that love 7.67
(MT509) Thoms Empire, Gary Maxi Sexy lady 7.16
(MT579) Three wize men Maxi Cruising for a bruising FLC 9.20
(MT278) Thrust Maxi Put your body to it FLC 8.69
(MT181) Ti-Tho Maxi L.C.B.A.P. (Love can be a pain) 6.14
(MT366) Tiffany Maxi New inside 6.65
(MT139) Tik and Tok Maxi Screen me I'm yours 7.16
(MT137) Time Maxi Love is the reason 4.60
(MT1) Timerider Maxi Cocoon 6.14
(MT441) Topper Headon Maxi Leave it to luck 6.14
(MT518) Torano, Sandy Maxi Should have been love FLC 9.20
(MT400) Towers, Ron Maxi Your body magic FLC 8.69
(MT63) Toyah Maxi Now and then 7.67
(MT679) Trance Maxi Turn up the Power LC Neuwertig! 7.16
(MT34) Trance Dance Maxi River of Love 6.14
(MT428) Treble & Bass Maxi State your mind 8.69
(MT4) Trinere LP Trinere Album FC Promo 12.78
(MT614) Triple "S" Connection Maxi Got to get your number LC 7.16
(MT588) Turntable Hype Maxi I'll bass you LC 8.18
(MT536) Two in a room Maxi Do what you want 4.60
(MT41) Two Minds Crack Maxi Cry Cry Cry 6.14


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MU345) Ultimix 33 Maxi Tell me why FLC DJ only 14.32
(MU344) Ultimix 8 Maxi Dacin' FLC DJ only 14.32
(MU343) Ultimix 9 Maxi Madness FLC DJ only 13.80
(MU346) Ultimix 9 Maxi Call my number FLC DJ only 14.32
(MU199) Unique 2 Maxi Loveline FLC 9.20
(MU200) Unity Power Maxi Eddy steady go LC mit Produkt-Info 9.71
(MU119) Untouchables, The Maxi What's gone wrong 4.60


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MV390) V., Marc Maxi Salesman FLC Bootleg 11.25
(MV439) Vanilla Maxi Sell me your secrets FLC 8.18
(MV681) Vendetta Maxi Musterplatte 11.25
(MV618) Vicious Pink Maxi Fetish / Spooky Double A-Side 8.69
(MV25) Vincent, Kathy Maxi Sweet Dynamite LC 6.14
(MV598) Voices Maxi Voices in my mind 6.65
(MV304) Voices in the Dark Maxi Keep it warm FLC 8.69


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MW284) Wailer, Bunny Maxi Back to school 8.69
(MW642) Wang Chung Maxi Everybody have fun tonight 7.16
(MW281) Warp 9 Maxi Nunk LC 7.67
(MW92) Washington, Leonard Maxi Walking LC 8.18
(MW435) Wee Papa Girl Rappers, The Maxi Wee rule 6.14
(MW497) Wee Papa Girl Rappers, The Maxi Wee rules Drummie zeb Remix 6.14
(MW367) Well Red Maxi Limit of your loving 6.14
(MW329) Well Well Well Maxi Back to you 7.16
(MW665) Whistle Maxi Falling in Love 4.60
(MW639) Wig Wam Bam Maxi Madhouse FLC 7.67
(MW354) Wilde, Eugene Maxi Gotta get you home tonight FLC 8.18
(MW168) Wills, Viola Maxi If you could read my mind Limited Edition 9.20
(MW18) Wills, Viola Maxi Gonna get along without you now 4.09
(MW593) Wills & Noel, Viola & McCalla Maxi Take one step forward 6.14
(MW546) Win Maxi shampoo tears 6.65
(MW108) Winnie, Papa Maxi I can't stop loving you 6.14
(MW261) Wooly Reasonable & the Yo Culture Maxi You're the only one FLC 8.69


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MX164) Xanadu LP Superhits 4.60


Bestell-Nr Interpret Art Titel Beschreibung Euro € Auswahl
(MY655) Ya Ya's, The Maxi Looove 4.09
(MY64) Yanai, Kate Maxi Cry, Cry Louise New Mixes for DJ's only LC 12.78
(MY184) Yellow, Joe Maxi Lover to Lover Italo 7.67
(MY675) Yellow Cab Maxi Taxi Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) 6.65
(MY84) Young, Karen Maxi You don't know what you got 4.60
(MY538) Young, Val Maxi If you should ever be lonely 5.11

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